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Ya'll Ready for the MN State Fair?! 🍪🍟

Hey Salman,

Minnesota welcomes over 2 million people annually to the state fair, making it one of the largest state fairs in the ENTIRE country.

This year is extra special for us as we will be helping support several food vendors through the Tavolo platform.

We will be giving special discounts to folks who already have the Tavolo platform downloaded

We also heard a rumor that THE Mr. Worldwide will be performing this year.

Restaurant SPOTLIGHT: Cafe Hollander

Cafe Hollander is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and has quickly become one of the team's favorite Wisconsin restaurants. The restaurant specializes in Belgian beers & comfort-food fare served in a European-style cafe with a vintage-chic vibe.

Make sure you check them out on Tavolo!

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