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Best Restaurants in the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities is home to some of the best food in the entire U.S. Here are some of our top picks for amazing restaurants in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area!

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Pizza Luce

Pizza Luce quite possibly has the BEST pizza in all of Minnesota. The company has several locations throughout the Twin Cities and its varying suburbs. Our top two pizzas are the Margherita and the Fire Breathing Dragon. If you don't believe pineapple belongs on pizza, we implore you to try the Fire Breathing Dragon and see how it changes your mind 😉 .


Listo! Fresh Mexican Grill

Listo is our favorite Mexican spot within the Twin Cities. The restaurant has a variety of traditional Mexican cuisines made with fresh ingredients every single day. We highly recommend that you try out one of the chimichangas and jalapeño poppers! 🌮 🌯


Urban Skillet

Urban Skillet recently opened in Minnesota in early 2022. The restaurant serves one of a kind burgers along with wings and amazing Urban Skillet fries. The location became famous in the Twin Cities for offering some of the best Halal burgers in the entire state!


Tandoor Indian Cuisine

Tandoor is a local Indian restaurant located in Maple Grove. It has a contemporary vibe and serves classic South Asian dishes such as pakoras, biryani, and various paneer dishes. If you stop by you're definitely going to want to try the aloo samosas. They have a beautiful blend of spices that combine nicely with the laal chutney 😋.


Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit serves authentic Italian cuisine in North Loop as well as St. Paul. If you have kids, they'll love the various pastas and pizzas available at the restaurant. It's also a great restaurant to check out for date night!



Eggy's is a classic Chicago restaurant that has become one of the most popular places to grab breakfast in Minneapolis. Modeled after the homey diners of the '60s, the menu is filled with American comfort food. Definitely give one of their skillet's a try and grab some chocolate chip pancakes while you're there 🍪!


Herbie Butcher's Fried Chicken

Have you ever had vegan fried chicken??? Well it might be time to give it a try. Herbie Butcher's serves amazing vegan chicken along with sandwiches & shakes in a snug space. The restaurant has super friendly staff and incredible food.

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