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Automate All Your Marketing with Tavolo

We understand running a restaurant is hard as it is. Let us use data driven insights to reach customers and drive repeat orders, while you focus on delivering exceptional tasting cuisine for your customers.


Maximize Your Restaurant's Presence on Social Media


Send Customers Direct Texts, Emails, and Phone Notifications

Drive customers back to your restaurant by providing an easy experience.

Customer Focused

Customers have control over their dining experience by reserving, paying ahead right from their phones

Increase Revenue

By allowing customers to pay right from their phones they can close out their tickets and leave as soon as they are ready freeing up tables faster.

Plug & Play

Tavolo requires minimal setup with your restaurant to get started. In less than 3 hours you can be up and running!

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Let's Get Social

Connect with your customers in less than 24 hours!

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