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This Is How We Started


We were founded


Got our first seed investment


Launched our first mobile app


Won emerging startup award


Received Investment from Techstars

Taran, Sal, and Abdi, three individuals with diverse experiences working in their family restaurants, united their skills and vision to embark on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship. Fueled by a shared frustration with the outdated state of technology in the restaurant industry, they found themselves seated at a lunch, brainstorming ways to make a difference. Their passion to solve this problem ignited the spark that led to the birth of their tech company, aimed at assisting fellow restaurant owners in embracing innovative solutions. With determination and eagerness, they set out to transform the restaurant space and pave the way for a more technologically advanced and efficient future.

On the left: Our company was voted the most and won Emerging Startup of the Year hosted by Beta.MN

We're so thankful to be recognized by Startribune for the work we've been doing in the Twin Cities. We started off as a group of passionate restaurant goers. Going out every week really showed us the issues diners such as ourselves and restaurant owners faced in our community. This really sparked a need to change the narrative and bring a solution & product into the public which incentivized customers to dine safely and easily.

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We're thrilled to share some fantastic news with all of you! Our very own Tavolo, a trailblazing tech company dedicated to transforming the restaurant industry, has been chosen as the first local participant in the esteemed Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator. This is a tremendous milestone for us, as Techstars is a globally renowned startup accelerator that offers invaluable mentorship, resources, and funding to help early-stage companies like ours thrive. We couldn't be more excited about this incredible opportunity, which will drive innovation and propel us towards even greater heights on our mission to revolutionize the farm-to-fork experience for everyone. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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